Rose Bunny Blanky


$ 55.00

Rose Bunny Blanky

A neutral, cream pile with a pink rose base


Baby 1.5'x2.5' Rose Bunny Blanky:

Perfect for a little baby girl - manageable size for any need


Throw 3'x5' Rose Bunny Blanky :

A cozy throw blanket, or a  baby blanky for a baby girl whose parents have impeccable taste. Or, for a gift a very well-behaved toddler girl. 


Standard 6'x5' Rose Bunny Blanky:

A neutral pinky rose fabulously large throw blanket to snuggle up with on your couch, your bed, or for travel. 


Oversized 9'x5' Rose Bunny Blanky:

A neutral pinky rose fabulously large blanket, this is the ultimate in luxe. Perfect for a large bed and more than one person, this is perfect for sharing. 



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